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Social Media Results For PR & Comms Conference Programme

Attention-Grabbing, Engagement-Winning, Conversion-Boosting On-Trend Social Media Strategies For PR & Comms Which Boost The Bottom Line

Next-Level Approaches For Harnessing Key Influencers, Accurately Proving Impact & ROI, Compelling Video Generation, Advanced Social Platform Trends & Paid Practices, Strategic Team/Channel Digital Integration Tactics & Optimise Reach & Engagement With Captivating Content Campaigns

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 23rd November 2017, Hilton Kensington

08.30 Registration & Coffee

09.00 GIC Welcome, Interactive Voting Introduction, Morning Chairman’s Opening Remarks & Co-Chair Introductions

Lucy Reynolds
Head of Product PR, Global PR Communications
Jaguar Land Rover

Scott Somerville
Senior Manager – Public Relations and Issues Management

E.ON Energy Solutions Ltd

Mark Hooper
Head of PR, Europe


09.25 Generate Consistently Captivating Content For Increased Reach & Engagement

  • Adapting your content to widen your reach to the right audience, not just any audience, to ensure a better rate of return for your efforts and increased brand awareness
  • Generate two-way conversations by crafting meaningful messages your audience can’t scroll past for genuine engagement and interaction
  • Now you have their attention, what are you going to do with it? Going beyond just likes and shares with insights into examining actions after engagement and how they lead to sales
  • Identify your audience’s expectations and what they want from interactions in order to make the leap from meaningful followers into brand ambassadors

Katie Sheldrake 


09.45 Prove Your Value & Impact On The Bottom Line In A Language Your Board Will Understand With Metrics & Methods That Definitively Quantify Your Results

  • Translating creativity and engagement into hard numbers that demonstrate your worth and will win budgetary buy-in
  • Evaluating the various metrics and measurement techniques to accurately assess likes, shares and engagement to make the most of your time and budget
  • Ensure you’re not falling behind the competition with insights into benchmarking your impact and engagement
  • With hundreds of measurement tools and services being pitched to you daily, which should you be paying attention to and which are irrelevant?

Morven Mackinnon
PR Director Levi’s® Europe
Levi Strauss & Co

10.05 Refreshment Break With Informal, Facilitated Networking


10.35 What’s Hot, What’s Not & Which Platforms Are Worth Your Time? Keep Your PR & Comms Strategies Up-To-Date With Platform Updates & Innovations For Continued Audience Engagement

  • What does the future of social media look like? Distinguish the future fads from what could be your next winning platform with insights into the most up-to-date changes and how they will alter your social presence
  • Harnessing Snapchat; a look into the newest developments and how to apply them to your campaign strategies
  • Have we seen the premature death of Facebook Live? What’s the story with 24 hour posts and should you bother?
  • Techniques for successfully adopting mobile-only platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat for the greatest efficiency instead of draining team resources
  • Adapting your social media strategy to today’s audience expectations and the latest platform developments for greater conversions and reach

Mark Woods
Head of Live Social Media
Comic Relief

Priya Kumar
Head of Content & Social Media
Jack Wills

Fergus Campbell
Head of PR

Joe Field
Social Media Manager
Sheffield Hallam University

Alex Betti
Head of Digital & Content
MS Society

Carmen Hurst
Digital Communications Manager

Sam Poullain
Senior Growth Manager


11.15 Embracing Paid Social Media Advertising Practices: An Exploration Of The Hottest 3 Channels & Where They Will Benefit Your Campaigns


  • Examining the advertising options and to what extent the benefits extend beyond likes and follows to sales and actual returns
  • Tools, tricks and tips for hash-tagging, captions and links on Instagram for increased reach and brand affinity
  • Real-world experience of investing in Instagram paid adverts, harnessing creative opportunities to reach target audiences

Zoe Wyeth
Head of Social & Online


  • Understanding the what, when and where to boost your Facebook campaigns and posts for better click-through and conversion rates
  • Are your audiences becoming fatigued with Facebook ads? Identifying ever-changing consumer attitudes towards adverts for clever advertising budget allocation
  • Tackling the constantly changing Facebook algorithms! A look at why the goalposts keep changing and what to do about it for continued Facebook engagement

Laura Gibson
Senior PR & Communications Manager
National Charity Partnership


  • Being the 5 second star of a 5-inch screen; is Snapchat the new flash in a pan or an ideal way to impact the market?
  • Practical insights into incorporating Snapchat into your PR and comms strategies with advice on Geofilters, Snap Adverts and Sponsored Lenses

Anne Marie Boyhan
Social Media Marketing Manager
Bank of Ireland


Chris Moore
Media & Digital Manager
Loughborough Students’ Union

Jo Gregory-Brough
Head of Marketing
Loughborough Students’ Union

Liam Ross
Digital Engagement Officer
Loughborough University

12.35 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Partners & Speakers

13.15 Informal Peer-To-Peer Experience Exchanges (20 mins during lunch)

Discussion A) Twitter

Christopher Treacy
Client Partner

Discussion B) Crisis Management
Kerry Thorpe
Manager for European Publications
Ben & Jerry’s

Discussion C) The Changing Role of PR
Alex Maw
Marketing Director
Dorothy Perkins & Burton Menswear

Discussion D) Engagement
Lindsay Baldwin
Head of Communications
British Heart Foundation

13.35 Afternoon Co-Chair Opening Remarks
Kerry Thorpe
Manager for European Publications
Ben & Jerry’s

Justine Bower
Director of Communications – Consumer & Social


13.50 Are They Actually Worth It? Identifying, Engaging & Building Beneficial Influencer Partnerships That Optimise Brand Messaging, But Don’t Blow The Budget

  • Getting both sides of the story; hear insights on the dynamics and practicalities of a paid relationship and understand what the benefits to both ares
  • Making the most of your spend with advice on what constitutes paid and unpaid influencer activity as well as the specifics on whether they have a genuine impact on sales and brandings
  • Where to find them, how they want to be approached and what to expect!s
  • Recognising the genuine ambassadors with a connection and interest in your brand from the easily bought for the most powerful, profitable brand matchs
  • How to turn influencers to your advantage: maximise brand exposure and turn their devoted followers into devoted customers

Alex Maw
Marketing Director
Dorothy Perkins & Burton Menswear

Jessica Keating
Digital Brand Marketing Manager
Dorothy Perkins & Burton Menswear


14.10 Develop earned relationships with influencers that are mutually beneficial and move beyond “amplification” as the goal to build genuine “advocacy”

Alistair Wheate
Head of Influencer Marketing Solutions


14.30 Video &The Evolution Of PR: Crafting Strategic, Well-Executed & Relatable Video Content That Reaches A Mass Audience

  • How PR is evolving in the increasingly socially connected world
  • The rise of Social Publishers and why they’re important to your comms plans
  • Top tips on creating editorial and branded video content that is entertainment relatable and relevant to your audience
  • How do you measure a video’s success? Tools to demonstrate your messages’ impact and how that translates on the bottom lines

Peter Heneghan
Head of Communications
LADbible Group 


14.50 Crafting Strategic, Well-Executed & Attention-Grabbing Video Content That Your Viewers Actually Want To Watch

  • In a fast-moving feed, how does your video earn attention?
  • Insights into video strategies, ideas and execution techniques from brands who’ve made video work
  • How do you measure video’s success? Tools to demonstrate impact beyond views

Christopher Treacy
Client Partner

15.10 Refreshment Break With Informal, Facilitated Networking


15.40 How Are Digital & Social Media Updates Transforming PR & Comms? Key Insights & Methods Into The Ever-Changing PR & Comms Environment To Adapt & Survive In The Future

  • Debating the changes, challenges and future of media and PR and Comms to inform your future strategies
  • Moving from print press into digital; understanding how traditional press and journalists are changing the way they work so you can successfully adapt how you work with them
  • What do journalists and the media pay attention to? Advice on developing long-term relationships with journalists for increased coverage and audience engagement
  • How to adjust your PR and comms strategy and teams to take advantage of the value of a digitally-focused business
  • Understanding the importance of and adapting your existing communications methods for a digital audience to avoid getting left behind by your competitors and followers

Jason Bevan
Vice President, European Publicity
Warner Bros. Pictures International

Ally Mogg
Head of Communications
Nottingham Trent University

Katy Ringsdore
Head of PR & Internal Communications
Atom Bank

Lucy West
Head of PR


16.10 Best-Practice Advice To Remove The Silos Between PR< Comms & Social Media Departments For Optimisied Campaign Consistency & Returns

  • A look into how PR, social media and communications can fit together and combine briefs for more consistent and efficient campaigns across all teams
  • Boost your campaigns’ ROI and add more depth to your message by ensuring all departments recognise a common goal
  • Getting your entire organisation on board with your social media proposals with tips on how employee engagement and advocacy can contribute to your results

Tash Carpenter
Head of Communications
Premiership Rugby

16.30 Co-Chair’s Closing Remarks

16.45 Official Close Of Conference

Please check the website regularly for updates and newly confirmed speakers. Are you interested in getting involved with The Social Media Results For PR & Comms Conference? For more information, please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email info@prsocialmediaconference.com.